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Welcome to York Farm

York Farm produces organically grown fruits for Hutchinson, Minnesota, and the surrounding communities. Our main crops are strawberries, table grapes, pears, and apples. Irene also offers yoga classes in our renovated barn. The farm has been in the family since 1971 and we have been growing produce since 2009. York Farm is cared for by Andy Cotter, Irene Genelin, and Ani Cotter.

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Bricks and Bread Workshop

Oven Building Workshop at York Farm with Caleb Mattison

Do you dream of pulling a bubbling pizza out of your own backyard wood-fired brick oven? Or baking batches of your own artisan bread? Or roasting your holiday turkey without fossil fuels? If so, then this is the workshop for you.

Over the course of four days, we will build the main core of a 27”x36” brick barrel vault oven, consisting of the hearth, walls, arch, and at least part of the facade and chimney. We will also discuss those steps which we won’t have time to do in class: prepping the base, insulating the core, enclosing and finishing. The goal is to give students the information they need to go back home and build their own brick oven from scratch. Plan to be physically engaged and active.

This workshop will also include a day on making breads and pizzas, and how to fire and use a masonry oven. We will move to the kitchen and learn how to make artisan breads and pizzas, with a focus on whole grains, natural leavens (sourdough) and long fermentation. This information will be applicable in the home oven, so on days when you don’t fire your wood-fired oven you can still be baking high-quality artisan bread in your kitchen.

Join Caleb Mattison and fellow students in this community-building workshop full of bricks and bread, and go home with knowledge to make your backyard oven dreams come true!

Andy and Irene will be available to answer questions about their operation and give you a tour of their farm.

Date: Thursday, August 18th – Sunday, August 21st.

If you are traveling from far away you are welcome to come Wednesday evening to set up camp at York Farm.

Time: 9AM – 5PM

Cost: $400 for the workshop.

There is a discount for two or more people from the same family.

Maximum Number of Students: 10

Lodging: Camping available at York Farm

You are welcome to set up a tent and camp at York Farm for $20/night. There is a compost toilet and shower building, and a summer kitchen for your use.

Food: Lunch provided

Irene will be making lunch every day. Irene is used to cooking for folks with food allergies, so if you have one, just let us know when you sign up. Breakfast and supper are on your own.

How to sign up: Email or call Irene

About the instructor: Caleb Mattison

Caleb Mattison is a builder, craftsman, and teacher living on Lake Superior's north shore. His interest centers around old-fashioned food and farming, he has found that his dual loves of making bread and splitting firewood have converged on wood-fired ovens. He builds and bakes in masonry ovens whenever he can, and loves to share what he has learned through hands-on workshops.

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York Farm Fruit

Primary Fruit

Strawberries, Apples, Table Grapes, and Pears.

Other fruit and interests

Currants, Gooseberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Apricots, Plums, Honey Bees, Seaberries, Mulberry, Rhubarb, Arctic Kiwi, and Hazelnuts.

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